Good luggage is something that’s hard to come by, don't you want to keep it that way?

You should always clean your luggage thoroughly after coming home from each trip and fix any issues that you notice (not that there will be many!).

The way you store your luggage also affects how well they'll serve you.

Make sure to read our owner's manual as it will tell you how to keep you luggage looking brand new!


How To Clean Luggage

Apart from wiping off any stains, you just need to make sure your luggage is dry both inside and out!


How To Clean Luggage Exterior

Wiping down your NINETYGO luggage with a damp cloth will be enough, especially if you clean it regularly!  

Using mild soap on very dirty fabric is alright but that's unlikely to happen with our splash-proof Oxford material! It's good practice, however, to apply your detergent on a small area before applying it broadly.

Always use a soft material to wipe both the external and internal area, i.e. don't use anything that’s likely to damage your luggage!


How To Clean Luggage Interior

Vacuum the inside of your luggage, wipe it down with a damp cloth, leave the zippers open, air it out for a few hours and you're all done!

If your luggage smells because of something you've packed, you can put a couple of activated charcoal in it for a few days as they can absorb all kinds of smells.


How To Remove Luggage Stains

The best way to remove stains is to use instant stain removers like Tide or laundry detergent.

The quicker you get to a stain, the easier it is to remove it!


How To Remove And Minimize Scratches On Hard Sided Luggage

NINETYGO suitcases are scratch resistant.

But if you really want to know for the sake of knowing, read on.

Clean the surface of scratches with water and soap first. 

Wipe it with a dry cloth.

Rub the scratch with a pencil eraser (not too fast so the coating doesn't fade).

And there you have it!


How To Store Your Luggage Between Trips

This is the saddest thing you’ll ever do with NINETYGO luggage.

Do not store it where it will be exposed to extreme weather conditions (it has feelings too!). This means no garage or unfinished attic.

Put them inside of one another and slide it under your bed or into a closet. They don't take up much space at all!

Cover them with something to keep them dust-free and ready to use.

And here a little trick to keep your luggage smelling fresh:

put a couple of fabric softeners in there, you'll thank us the next time you take your NINETYGO luggage out!