Antimicrobial Storage Bag


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Made with lightweight, waterproof DuPont™ Tyvek® material, used exclusively in medical, antimicrobial packaging and other sterile environments.

1. Would you say:

I identify more as a woman
I identify more as a man
None of the above

2. Which age range do you fall into?


3. You travel mostly for:


4. How do you pack when you travel?

I pack light - a backpack will do
I bring what I need - I usually bring a carry-on
I like to bring everything I own - I want the biggest suitcase you have!

5. Do you travel internationally?

I often travel overseas
I don’t like to leave the continent

6. How frequently do you travel?

I travel less than 5 times a year
I travel 5-15 times a year
I travel 15-30 times a year
I travel year-round

7. How do you make luggage purchases?

I shop for luggage from my phone or other devices
I prefer to shop for luggage in store

8. What’s your relationship with your luggage?

I’ll use my suitcase ‘till the wheels fall off
I’ll get new luggage if they look good or suit my needs well
My suitcase is part of my outfit, I get a new one every season

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