We know you work hard enough to deserve better. That's why we work harder to make a BETTER luggage for you.


NINETYGO is made only from materials that can withstand any challenge and remain always scratch-free. We believe only the most solid shell can see the world with you, and only the smoothest spinners can keep up with your pace. We pay special attention to details to provide the most reliable products, with unmatchable quality.


NINETYGO goes extra miles to make you look smart every step of the way. With our award-winning designs, your every moment will be Instagram worthy, whether it's seconds before take-off, or walking off a non-stop flight across continents.


NINETYGO is for future-believers, just like you. NINETYGO believes cutting-edge technologies can make a difference in how you travel. With features that make you tech-savvy, we help you stay ahead of every plan.


NINETYGO never compromises on quality or style. Working directly with top of class suppliers - we cut the middleman, to provide unbeatable, prices for luggage.

We take on testing ourselves so you can travel further

Oscillation and Impact Test

Side handle and telescope handle remained intact after 400 extensions and retractions.

Fatigue Test

No impact on functionality of our telescope handle after 4000 extractions and retractions.

Stroll Test

The wear of our wheels is less than 2mm after 12km of movement.

Static Pressure Test

No impact on shape or function from 40kg of pressure after 4 hours.

Impact Test

Not a scratch from 5kg of impact on the hardshell.

We only partner with best in class suppliers


Leading global material science company


The world's largest zipper manufacturer


Leading American aluminum materials supplier


Leading supplier of lightweight performance materials